PHP/Java Bridge settings

The PHP/Java Bridge web application contains two servlets. The PhpJavaServlet handles requests from remote PHP scripts running in Apache/IIS or from the command line. The second servlet PhpCGIServlet can handle requests from internet clients directly.

The following shows the settings of the PhpJavaServlet and the PhpCGIServlet.


The PhpJavaServlet handles requests from PHP clients.

Apache/IIS/console::PHP <--> PhpJavaServlet
It listens for PHP/Java Bridge protocol requests on the local interface or on all available network interfaces and invokes Java methods or procedures. The following example accesses the bridge listening on the local interface:
$System = java("java.lang.System");
echo $System->getProperties();

Option Value Description
servlet_log_level 3 The request log level.

The settings were taken from the WEB-INF/web.xml.